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Our consulting is entirely driven to satisfy the needs of our investor base with strategies tailored to individual requirements and risk tolerances. A continuous research process enables SAVI’s investment opportunities to be outlined in such a way to optimize the allocation of capital while maximizing the return through risk-mitigated strategies ensuring
the protection of capital.


One of our specialties encompasses the ability to find the best investment opportunities for our clients. Throughout the acquisition process, we work hand in hand with creditors and clients as we go about securing various properties. As we take initiative, our team works in a timely manner to complete the execution of various assets. We cut through the bureaucratic red tape and effectively collect on property in order to satisfy our clients’ needs in this arena. As we take initiative, our agents work efficiently to complete the delineated strategy. We provide multiple exit strategies in order to satisfy our clients’ needs not only on expected returns but also in investment duration.

Asset Management

Our investors’ assets are actively managed for maximum return on capital. Properties are continuously monitored and investors receive performance reports on a quarterly or monthly basis, with benchmark analysis against market economic indicators. When deemed appropriate, we propose improvements to the financial or ownership structure. Our investment philosophy focuses on both short to long-term value added strategies offering a complete investment solution on real estate, with services on:

  • Investment strategy
  • Ownership structure
  • Tax, legal and financial structure
  • Acquisition strategy and execution
  • Asset management
  • Performance monitoring and reporting
  • Disposition strategy and execution