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The SAVI Group’s investor community matches our investment strategy. Our firm began with a single family investor, in 2002. Since then our experience with family offices has given us a clear understanding of their goals as taxable investors – and thus a shared focus on maximizing long-term, after-tax capital appreciation. The capital for our current investments comes from several families and a few financial institutions, all of whom share our orientation toward patiently building closely-held, mid-sized real estate assets. Because of our investors’ long investment horizon we are able, when appropriate, to retain our portfolio assets for many more years than a typical investment firm.

Our investors bring us far more than capital, and contribute actively to our firm’s success: they are instrumental in providing counsel, and in introducing us both to additional clients and to the kind of quality assets in which we seek to invest.




“A super dedicated and professional real estate broker and advisor who truly puts clients first….The only person I would choose for my real estate needs…. I strongly recommend Santiago for anybody who wants effective results. Great knowing you Santiago.”
Ziad Abdelnour – President & CEO, Blackhawk Partners, Inc.


“Santiago is target oriented, persuasive and dynamic. Very professional and able to communicate effectively. Pleasant personality with good manners.”
Oscar Jimenez – Managing Partner OpusGen, LLC


“When it comes to Real Estate you can’t beat experience and proficiency. Mr. Vitagliano knows Real Estate inside out. He has worked at various levels. From brokerage in simple deals to consultancy in very complex commercial and residential acquisitions and developments. He is a very passionate, smart and professional individual with the ability to recognize and structure good deals for himself and his customers. He is able to turn proficiency, experience customer relations into successful deals. His spotless track record is just a glimpse of that. No matter how experienced you might be, after years of having Santiago Vitagliano and SAVI handle my Real Estate transactions (which vary from brokerage in simple condo purchases, market analysis for larger multi-unit purchases or construction) I would recommend his services without hesitation. Whatever the situation can be, if it’s related to Real Estate, when Santiago speaks, I listen.”
Gonzalo Martinez – CEO – Accurate Global Services LLC


“Santiago is an experienced professional with a vast international professional background that includes investments and /or trading in real estate, renewables, commodities and business services. I have known Santiago for over 15 years and believe he has exceptional execution skills and gold-plated reputation. You can contact me through linkedin for additional questions.”
Fabio Terlevich – Partner and Portfolio Manager, Permit Capital


“Santiago has proven to be first class businessman and entrepreneur across the board. He does what he says he’s going to do and has often delivered before anticipated deadlines (rare to find to find these days). I have been highly impressed with his ability to assess investment opportunities from both the macro and micro prospectives. He is a quick study and has a unique ability to read people and cultural sensitivities. Santiago has a broad range of interests and I view his ability to assess profitable opportunities in multiple disciplines as one of Santiago’s biggest assets. He has proven to be very resourceful and internationally well-connected and I highly recommend Santiago as a man of his word. In very simple terms, Santiago is intelligent and has a unique ability to make things happen again and handle anything that comes his way. He makes things look easy! I know a lot of good fortune and karma are in store for Santiago and I am honored to have Santiago’s vote of confidence in me and my business.”
Whitney Belker Vauvelle – CEO/Founder, The Music Producer


“I worked with Santiago prior to SAVI. He’s energetic, creative, and has a lot of integrity. I look forward to working with Santiago again in the near future.”
Edgard Capdevielle – Principal, Outlook Ventures


“SAVI is a leader in its industry and takes great care in personalized service. My company worked with SAVI investigating different investment options in the Miami real estate market. We were presented with very clear opportunities, some of which we are actively pursuing.”
Mike Teich – Senior Business Development Executive


“As an overseas investor in the US I will only turn to one source that is Savi for my real estate needs. Santiago keeps it simple and is always ahead of my requirements.One cannot ask for more , his experience and insight covers not only real estate but everything that goes with it. Simply put he executes.”
Ramses Najem – Owner, Saranabu S.A.


“A truly committed individual, Santiago always accomplishes what he sets out to do. Not only is he knowledgeable and engaging, but he loves what he does and it shows in every aspect of his work, from his concise presentations to his visions for the future. This guy knows what he’s doing!”
Freddy Antolinez – President, Owner at Endeavour Flight Training, Inc