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About SAVI

The SAVI Group is an independent real estate investment firm devising personalized investment strategies and delivering off-market investment opportunities to investor groups. Aiming to add value at every stage of the investment lifecycle by actively managing our portfolios. Since 2002, our vision has given us the opportunity to embark on a plethora ventures. Our track record is reflected by the quality of the clientele that we have collaborated with. South Florida offers an array of real-estate ventures that are waiting to be discovered. In an industry traditionally focused on the rigidity of buildings and properties, we pride ourselves in the ability to provide a human factor that is frequently overlooked in today’s real estate endeavors. This gives way for efficient project management and a top-notch competitive negotiation process.
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Managing Principal at The SAVI Group


Mr. Vitagliano has more than 15 years in the consulting and real estate industries
at various senior executive levels. He specializes in the structuring, marketing and execution of commercial and residential real estate development projects in both domestic and international contexts.

Vitagliano funded The SAVI Group in 2002; since that time, he has held principal positions in multiple real estate investments and intermediated transactions totaling more than 4,000,000 square feet. Prior to The SAVI Group, Vitagliano worked as the assistant project manager at Hines and developed a 540,000-square-foot mixed-use Class A office tower and paking deck in Coral Gables, Florida. In addition, he spent two years working for The SABRE Group, where he held positions in corporate management, project development and business reengineering in Dallas, London, France, Austria and Germany. In these capacities, Vitagliano worked in structuring, marketing and implementing logistic solutions for the airline industry.

He holds an MBA from the University of California’s Haas School of Business and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering degree from Universidad Católica de Argentina, Facultad de Ciencias Fisicomatemáticas e Ingeniería.

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Mission Statement

Our mission statement is clear: We are committed to provide high quality solutions to our clients business needs; pursuing the achievement of their growth objectives by creating value through the acquisition of real estate assets.